TNT Gymnastics for Toddlers, Kids, Recreation


Little Sparks (18 months-3 year olds) *Adult Participation*
This is the perfect opportunity for mom or dad to come play with their tots! Help your child learn small and large motor skills through gymnastics and playing.
Firecrackers (3-4 year olds)
Boys and girls develop motor and listening skills through basic motion and gymnastics in a fun learning environment in this class.
Kindermites (4 years old - Kindergarten)
Boys and girls further develop coordination and improve physical fitness using loco-motor and gymnastics skills. Activities using gymnastics equipment are customized for each class.
Girls Gymnastics (1st Grade & up)
Girls will be introduced to the basic gymnastic skills using vault, bars, beam, and floor while building self-confidence and physical fitness. No previous experience required. Advanced classes are available.
Boys Gymnastics & Tumbling (1st Grade & up)
Boys will increase their strength, flexibility, and coordination while learning basic gymnastics on floor, rings, vault, trampoline, parallel and high bars.
Tumbling Classes
These classes are designed for girls who are interested in becoming a cheerleader or just like to tumble. Girls will learn cartwheels, round offs, back & front handsprings, and much more through proper form, technique, and progression.

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Gymnasts are invited to join our competitive gymnastic programs when certain skills are mastered. Read more about our competitive gymnastics programs over here.