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Gymnastics Olympic Champions From 1988-2004

Listed here are the male’s and even female’s all around champions coming from the
finally 5 Olympic Games — these’re simply brief
biographies, however they certainly provide you with a perception of your gymnast’s possibility.

2004 Paul Hamm, Carly Patterson

Paul Hamm, the 2004 male’s all around champion in
gymnastics, came into this world on September twenty four, 1982, and contains a twin brother by the title of Morgan. Paul was the first
Us male to draw the yellow just for the all around competitors inside a completely gone to Olympic Game. He is
noteworthy for a few controversy that involve the name of his.

Carly Patterson came into this world on February the 4th, 1988, in
Baton Rouge,Louisiana, to a set of loving moms and dads – her father, Natalie, and her mother, Ricky. She’s the first
of a set of females (the young daughter of her is Jordan). In
2004, she grew to become the very first all around Olympic champion for
the Country in over 2 years, as well as had also been the very first to gain just for the US within the previous 2 activities. The
finally female all around gymnastics champion for the United
American states received throughout 1984, once the Soviet Union had boycotted the Olympics completely.

2000 Andreea Raducan, Alexei Nemov

Andreea Madalina Raducan came into this world about the thirtieth of September, in Birlad, 1983, Romania. She was taught under
Octavien Belu as well as Mariana Bitang on the Cetate Deva Club in Romania and also set about gymnastics in the era of 5. She has
a number of bronze and yellow medals below the belt of her out of international and national tournaments. Although she’s mentioned as
the recognized Olympic all around female champion, the IOC
stripped her of the medal of her when she analyzed beneficial for
pseudophedrine (the active component in many
decongestants) soon after needing shot considered a cold tablet provided to her by the Romanian Olympic Team physician. No matter whether
or perhaps not she’s the medal, she’s a champion – as well as an amazing body at which.

Alexei Nemov is regarded as among the best man gymnasts within the planet, along with turning into a pin up with the females.
He came into this world on May 28th, in Barashevo, 1976, Russian federation. His
begin on gymnastics started off soon. During the era of 5, his
mom has taken him to the neighborhood fitness center, believing that gymnastics will be a suitable substitute for a far more brutal sports activity.
He’s had his downs as well as ups inside gymnastics — specifically, with
a lot of accidents to his shoulders and arms — but remaining the Atlanta as well as Sydney Olympics with 6 medals every. Throughout 2000,
he was crowned the male’s all around gymnastics champion plus bore his yellow medal with pride.

1996 Li Xiaoshuang, Lilia Podkopayeva

Li Xiaoshuang, male’s all around gymnastics champion within the
1996 Olympics, came into this world on November one, Hubei Province, in Xintao, 1973, China. The professional career of his was marked with
a lot of achievements. During the era of 7, he required up
gymnastics; 2 yrs down the line, he was a part of his provincial
staff, and also from 12 years old, he was portion of Chinese national gymnastics group. He’s received numerous gold
medals in the time period of his, which includes 2 coming from individual Olympic
video games – 1992 as well as 1996 – as well as 3 coming from the earth Gymnastics Championships. Throughout 1995, he was given the well-deserved
name of International Master of Sports as well as carries on, for this day, to wow.

Lilia Podkopayeva came into this world on August fifteen, 1978 inside Donestk, Ukraine. The mentor of her, Galina Lossinskaya, brought her
by way of over 10 tournaments completely, whereby she fared effectively. During the 1996 Atlanta Georgia Olympic Games,
she put initially during the all around female’s competitors and
since that time has toured the United States inside the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions.

1992 Tatiana Gutsu, Vitaly Scherbo

Tatiana Gutsu, female’s all around champion within the 1992 Olympics, has a fantastic history of efficiency. She was
created about the 50 of September, 1976 within the Soviet Union,
plus was selected at an extremely early age by her instructor and mentor, Victor Dikii. During the 1992 Olympics, the career of her
grew to become tarnished by conspiracy when she had taken the best place of
Roza Galieva within the all around competitors, one particular that she didn’t qualify. It afterwards started to be recognized that Galieva
wasn’t actually hurt, despite the fact that it had been evidently not
Gutsu’s strategy to dominate that particular element of the competitors, the
2 of them split the prize earnings and also grew to be sour associates. Nowadays, Tatiana life within the Country.

Vitaly Scherbo, male’s all around champion within 1992, has a quite amazing shoot. He received an unprecedented six
unique yellow medals in the’ ninety two Olympics as well as, most told,
he can hold over 50 medals to come down with complete coming from championships round the planet. Coached by 2 of the very best within the world
— Leonid Filipenok as well as Sergei Shinkar, he’s really a remarkable gymnast. At this point, with his child as well as wife, Irina
plus Kristina respectively, he operates the Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics within Las Vegas. The site for the
institution of gymnastics may be discovered at http://www.vssg.net/.

1988 Elena Shoushounova, Vladimir Artemov

Elena Shushonova, female’s all around Olympic champion of
1988, came into this world around May of 1969 within Saint Petersburg, which had been, in time, Leningrad. She taught under Viktor
Gavrichenkov during the Central Army Club within the after that Soviet Union. With 2 Olympic yellow medals, as well as a bronze medal a
bronze medal, as well as over 20 various other medals from
championships round the planet, Elena Shushonova has an
illustrious heritage of gymnastic prowess, and also within 2004, she was put into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Created within the city that he was called around December of 1964,
Vladimir Artemov arrived away in the around yellow medal within the 1988 Olympics. Actually, he arrived at bay a champion
many times over, with bronze or yellow for all the functions of his, a really amazing surface. Taught under Viktor
Firsov with Burevestnik, in that particular moment a component of the Soviet
Union, also, he got 13 additional medals within all the other endeavors of his. Today, he resides located in the Country with
his kids and wife, and it is part of the National Coaching Staff.